Silent night, let me sleep away these memories within

sacrifices of purity are turning into sins...

2 April
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My name is Andrea, I am 17 years old .

I am a High School Senior. Still undecided on what I should study and what college I shoud go to...

Even so, College is very important to me.

Hispanic, although I dont think I look hispanic?.

Current obsessions: Skins, Jersey Shore, Kingdom Hearts II (Roxas<3), Hello Kitty, Retro style, & Kanye West.

My obsession do change constantly. (;

Yes I read. I love romantic, fiction novels.

Movies; Juno, The Lion King & Cruel Intentions .

Video Games: Final Fantasy VIII<3, Final Fantasy X, Halo, Kingdom Hearts, Thee first Mario Karts (Nintendo 64), Bully, COD, & All Smash Bro. (:

Television; Project Runaway, Skins & Jersey Shore .

Random!; I love rainy days. I drink a lot of coffee . I guess you can say I'm a little superficial . Im vicious & ambitious. I love cherry red colors. I live with my parents and I think I sill will , until college is done . I guess I'm scared of changes. I love Italian food. I've got a major crush on Keanu Reeves. (;

I dont know what else.(: